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Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesJune 4 2013How Europe Underdeveloped AfricaAfrica and DT LeysoSever inequalities of income and wealthoCriticisms of ModernizationoEurocentric from the perspective of EuropeoNeglected countries that had a history of strong societiesoPolicies formulated in the modernisation tradition were not workingLimited economic growth and the persistence of povertyoNeglected the history of slavery and colonialismsto1 little evidence that Western development occurred in the stages Rastow describedndo2 no basis on which to assume that similar stages would occur in the Southno empirical evidencerdo3 the model was based mainly on assumptions about economic growth rather than noneconomic gains Binns 2002Criticisms of DToDependencys Franks assumption is too simplistic and overgeneralizationTheory was first base don Latin America and then generalizedoFail to provide specific causes of underdevelopment beyond the fact that they originate in the West and the functioning of the capitalism systemFail to look at internal issues ex CorruptionoConcepts such as core and periphery are little different from terms such as traditional and modernoNo real policies were provided no workable solution presented just criticized modernizationNo sophisticated solution to solve povertyoIgnored internal conflicts class corruption within developing nationsBook False StartRene DumontExplaining the root causes of development crisisoMazruis explanation of the crisisFailure of liberal institutions and organized political parties efficient corporate power or efficient trade unions or coherent civil society or the insignificant number of the middle classUrbanization without industrializationEducation for liberation but not for productionPhilosophy but no education fro productionCapitalism and capitalist greed without capitalist discipline and efficiencyWasteful greed and no discipline
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