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Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesJune 11 2013Latin America and Middle East have had many military regimesWestern world had military leaders elected through the political system Eisenhower Sharon De GaulleIn Third World the military intervenes to be the dominant powerState institutions are weak and this causes the military to interveneCoup detat the taking over of a state usually by an army or a group through violence means19461970 59 developing countries experienced 274 attempted coups71 military coup detat in African between 1952 and 1990o60 percent were successfulSuccessful coups detats 80 failed coup attempts 18Frequency of coups detats is high in AfricaoPie graph on lecture notesTanzania Kenya ZambiaoDidnt go through a military coupAfrican leaders align with the military and they are not able to be displacedDefinition and typology of coup detatoRevolutionary there to do a profound change and to improve the human conditionDifferent from revolution where it involves large numbers of people working for basic social economic and political changeoCould also be ReactionaryoCan be bloodless or bloodyoDoes not take a long time sometimes minutes or hoursoTypologyThe guardian coupIs where the military intervenes in order to rescue the state from civilian mismanagementThe men in uniform consider it is their duty to replace their incompetent civilian predecessorsUnder military guardians corruption and inefficiency are targeted and politicians of the old regime are purgedIn many cases the military then eventually live up to their promise of returning to the barracksoUsually does not abandon their powerVeto coupThey are prompted by social changes that directly threaten the interests of the military and their alliesThe security forces calculate they cannot stand by idle while a new group in society takes over the stateGovernment has to make military happy to make sure they do not intervene
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