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Lecture 10

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Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesJune 13 2013 Top African Big menoBen Ali TunisiaoKampware Burkina FasoSupported by FranceoKing Mswati III SwazilandoMussoveni came into power in 1986 UgandaoPaul Biya Cameroon32 yearsoHosni Mubarak EgyptoRobert Mugabe ZimbabweLed since independenceoPresident Dos Santos AngolaLed country since indepedenceoPresident Nguema Equotorial GuineaLongest running ruleroPresident Muammar Gaddafi LibyaKilled in Arabic SpringoMost have used personal rule to stay in power over decadesDemocracyoDemos people Kratis rule the rule by the peopleDemocracy is a system of government in which the majority of the people rule but the rights of the minority are protectedDemocracy for the people by the peopleoFull liberal democracyA system where most of the countrys leading government officials are electedParticipation is necessaryEquality is necessaryElections must be frequentFree speech and freedom of the pressoPolyarchy Robert Dahlthe 8 criteria of DemocracyInclusive citizenship citizenship must be open to all residents of the countryThe rule of law the government operated under the law and individuals and minorities are protected against the tyranny of the majorityNo one is above the lawFreedom of expression freedom of religion freedom of speech and freedom of press are vital components of democracyFree and fair elections all citizens have the right to compete for elective office and government officials are chosen in frequent and fair electionsEquality in voting all votes are equal with each person having one vote
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