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POL301 Lecture NotesJuly 9 2013Ethnicity and ethnic based conflictoEthnicity commonly refers to collectivises that share a myth of originoMost who apply the term emphasize the importance of ancestryoThe importance of history most often migration and settlement but also of political passage be it escape from oppression or the colonization of new territory common identity against common colonizersoTo many definition is the sharing of a culture the most notable aspect of which is languageoMany ethnic groups are know by the same name as that of the language they speakMeaning of ethnicityoThe term ethnic was said to have been used in the English language since the midth14 centuryoOriginally referring to heathens or pagans it acquired racial characteristics in the nineteenth century and was widely used in the twentiethcenturyoIn US it is employed to refer to those immigrants of nonnorthern or western European descentogroups larger than a family for which membership is reckoned primarly by a descent is conceptually autonomous and has a conventionally recognized natural history as a group Fearon and Laitin 2000ohuman groups that entertain a subjective belief in their common descent brecause of similarities of physical type or of customs or both or because of memories of colonization and migration this belief must be important for group formation furthermore it does not matter whether an objective blood relationship existsMax WeberoThree formations of ethnicitiesABCABA or B whichever is the dominant oneABCDCharacteristics of ethnicityoCrawford Young provides three features of ethnicityst1 ethnicity rests upon variable list of shared cultural attributes language ancestry kinship ideologies cultural practices symbolic repertoires or modes of religious observationnd2 ethnicity is defined by an active consciousness of collective selfhoodrd3 ethnicity is defined by boundaries they constitute the us whom one is depends upon whom one is notOthernessTheoretical Approach to ethnicityoPrimordialism the view that ethnic groups are ancient and immemorial kinship groupsoEthnic identities are more fundamental than other types of identity
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