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Lecture 14

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesJuly 4 2013African ScholarsoArticle by Crawford YoungoScholars analyse using the statist approachStatism comes from a realist approach of IRoClaude AkeLooks at a wider critical perspectiveAfrica ignored its own culture history foreign nature of African statesBorrowed the Weberian state without looking at how it can work in AfricaIdentifies three elements particularly important in shaping the Politics and economic crisis in AfricaPolitical authoritarianism since colonialism was an arbitrary seizure of the territory and resources of the colonized and a concerted assault on their history and culture was obliged to rely predominantly on forceoStrong leader who didnt want to give up powerExclusiveness of claims to rulership politics is practiced with the intent of ending politics Gain power and use to bar all other claims to power and even to rightsoOne nation one leader one partySolutions for state crisisRedistribution of political power from regime to civil societyReorientation of public policy away from special interests and towards common interests Accountability of power to those over whom it is exercisedEffective popular participation in decision making at all levelsCollective selfreliance among African countries and the advancement of collective struggle against imperialismReduction of the economic rewards of political poweroAdebayo Olukoshi and Liisa LaaskoDiscuss the reorientation of the NationstateCrisis facing African states cannot be solved simply or solely by resort to Western forms of liberal democracyState has to be reconstituted from below rather than from authoritarian topdown approachCitizenship and citizenship rights must be revised in a scenario where borders disintegrate as people choose where to live based on ethnicityThe states reconstitution cannot occur without African governments recapturing economic control from Western agenciesPostcolonial state
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