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Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesJuly 23 2013Late ColonialismoEas explained by the presence of settlers whose interest were incompatible with the colonial state or the colonized peopleoUsed in relation to the First Wave of Independence 19471965oCold War situation since the late 1950s and where Africa became one of the major playing grounds for super powers affecting the march towards independenceoThe colonial design of the poorest empire to continue a development colonialism in Angola and MozambiqueoUnemployed people in PortugaloLate colonialism appears to be paradoxical given the Portuguese colonialism was ththe oldest in Africa going back to 15 centuryVasca de Gama was the founder of AfricaoIt means liberation struggles involved armed struggle bloodshed and Maoist insurgences of the Cold WarMau MauoAt the end of the 1960s 6 African colonies were not freeoOf the 6 5 were settlement colonies that is colonies in which the interests power of the European settler community kept the majority African population from gaining their political freedomLate decolonizationoOut of the six colonies who were under colonialism 5 were in Southern Afvrica Angola Portuguese settler Mozambique Portuguese settler Namibia S Africa settlerSouth Africa settler Zimbabwe British settleroThe small Portuguese colony of GuineaBissau and Cape Verde in West AfricaoFor many years the white settlers in these colonies had the right to vote They used this vote to elect representatives who pressed laws that protected the power of the European settlers and discriminate against AfricansoAfrican nationalist leaders believed that if franchise was the righ of alloLate decolonizationAngola1976Zimbabwe1980GuineaBissau1984 Colonies of Settlement in AfricaoEx Algeria Kenya South Africa Rhodesia etc with significant number of white settlers where direct rule applied generallyoThe nature of colonies had an impact not only the methods of colonial administration but also in the transfer of power and postindependence socioeconomic and class conflict ex Zimbabwe and KenyaoThe 1950s the Kenyan path to independence did not go as smoothly as it did in Ghana or in TanzaniaoSettlement colonies needed armed struggle for colonialist to give up powerFrance saw Algeria as part of France
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