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Political Science
Abbas Gnamo

POL301 Lecture NotesJuly 18 2013Characteristics of Stratification SystemoSocial stratification describes the structured ranking of individuals and groups and their grading into horizontal layers or strataSocial stratification is different from social differentiation when people become specialized over timeWhere people can change their status with relative ease sociologists refer to the arrangement as an open systemCaste system closed hierarchical systemoPrescribed status your status is given and you cannot change itoAchieved status stats can be achieved through upward mobilityWhere people cannot change their status with relative ease sociologists refer to the arrangement as a closed systemStratification and inequalityoSocial inequality conditions in which members of society have different amounts of wealth prestige or poweroStratification structured ranking of entire groups of people that perpetuates unequal economic reards and power in a society4 major stratification system slavery caste estate and classEstate feudalist system which categorizes peopleoEx France before French revolutionTheClergyThe NobilityThe Commons the peopleClassoLower Middle Higher classClass identificationoThere are two methods of class analysisSubjective identification how people feel about themselves in relation to others and the class position selfidentificationObjective identification high status occupation high income superior education and their ownership of or control of business enterpriseConceptual frameworksoClass domination is related to social stratification which can be analyzed in many different waysSocieties can be analyzed in terms of the categories which people themselves use and the class structure can be mapped according to the categories in which people put themselvesClass can be seen in simple gradational terms according to income or another material aspects of life class is defined by relative income
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