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What is the Coup dtat The capability of a coup to be carried out depends upon two recent developments1The rise of the modern state and bureaucracy2The armed forcesThe coup can be carried out from the outside by forces directly outside of the gov but still within the periphery of the state such as the professional civil service the armed forces and police pg 212The idea is to snatch political power from the employees of the state in whose hands lies the leadershiphowever this can become an issue according to Luttwak if the political leadership civil servicebureaucracy might be linked through political ethnic or traditional loyalties pg 212In other words in most cases a coup will not occur if the leaders of the state from all departments share loyalties or are from the same tribes or kinsmen of some sortCivil service appts have two special means or functions 1To uphold and protect aregime2To make certain that policies are carried through and implementedFor the aforementioned to occur the people that hold the top position in office and service are party men This generally means that these individuals agree blindly with the government and side with its policies whether just or corrupt This to secure and maintain their own elevated positions in the state apparatus Luttwak further writes however that though civil service bureaucracy and modern state might be linked by ethnic or class ties in many cases these depts are so large that it is possible for them to be permeated by a coupThe bureaucracy is very very big and divided into departments with a rigid set of rules an
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