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Lecture 2

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thAboriginal Politics Lecture 2 January 16 2012Doctrines of Colonialism and Indigenous Political ThoughtAgenda1 Doctrines of colonialismThe doctrine of discovery Terra Nullius Manifest DestinyInternal colonialism2Who is an Aboriginal person3 What is Indigenous Political ThoughTheoryA fundamental problemThe relation between the establishment and development of western societies and the preexistence and continuing resistance of indigenous societies on the same territoryThis relation is commonly called the internal colonizationThe core underlying question from this course the tension that emerges from this conflict exploring the many dimensions of this conflictColonialismthe conquest and direct control of other peoples landparticular phase in the history of imperialism acquisition of coloniesappropriation of resources cultural dimension western values establishment of new territories and nations from preexisting states civilization displacement and genocide of indigenous populationway of maintaining an unequal relations of economic and political power economic expansionthe psychological relationship between human beings cast in various roles cultural imperialismcolonial discourse eg Orientalism Hollywood Indian Noble Savage definitions representation languageDehumanization epistemological cognitive aspectsit doesnt start from the contact with the settlement there is history that predates thatWhen Europeans began to settle they met people with complex forms of political organizations Europeans arriving attempted to justify the assumption of political sovereignty over the rights of the Aboriginal people Doctrine of discovery under the international law the discovery of such lands by the discovering nation gave them entitlement to this land and sovereigntyththe Marshall decisions in the US in the 19 c
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