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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Rauna Kuokkanen

Lecture 8 (March 5) - after White Paper withdrawn, government created phrase “search for common ground” - returned to previous Hawthorn report recommendations - WP marked turning point for Aboriginal-state relations - marked end to assimilation - Calder case, 1973, led to recognition of FN title - led to government land claims policy - Aboriginal groups turned to explicitly political framework - from “citizen plus” terminology in 1970’s to “nationhood” and “self-determination” - stronger collective sense of identity as historical Aboriginal nations - special rights as citizens of their own nations - first major statement of nationhood: Declaration of the Dene of Northwest Territories (1975) - Aboriginal issues not prioritized by the government - Constitution became key issue for Aboriginal groups - National Indian Brotherhood identified Constitutional reform as Aboriginal issue - inclusion as a way to reclaim political status on their own terms - early 1980’s: - a roller coaster ride for Aboriginals - Trudeau government: unilateral resolution to patriate and reform the Constitution, 1980 - minimal mention of Aboriginal peoples, opposed main Aboriginal organizations - goal: self-governing nation within Canadian Confederation - desire to maintain relationship with British Crown - concerned that patriation would sever links to British sovereign (treaty relationship) - petitions to Brit
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