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Political Science
Rachael Gibson

POL 306 Lec. 1 Prof. Gibson BA1210 Wed. July 4, 2012  Tindal and Tindal – Local Government in Canada (7 or 8 Edition)  The proposal (2pgs) should be the first structure of the essay: Research Question, Literature Review (1arily contained in annotated bilio), Give an intro to puzzle, state the research Q, etc etc o Next class will incl examples and a good review of expectations th o Due July 16 (lec 4), worth 20%  Research paper 10-15pgs due Aug 8 (lec 8), worth 40%  Final Exam during exam period, worth 40%  Institute for Municipal Finance and Governance (out of Munk Centre) have tons of papers  Chicago style citation is good, but prof is not picky, just be consistent o In-text citations can sometimes be more clear so footnotes are used as elaborating notes Lecture  Key definitions  What do local govs actually do?  The changing context and growing importance of urban municipalities  Urban and local government as an era of scholarly research  The term ‘local govt’ describes o A particular type of govt operating at a sub-national level o A process by which policies are made within a designated geographic area  ‘municipal’ vs ‘local’ govt o Often used interchangeably o Txtbk distinguishes b/w the 200  ‘municipal govt’ = the type  ‘local govt’ = the process  Basic features of municipalities o Incorporated entitites e.g. village, town, city o Empowerd to deal w/ a wide range of local issues o Defined by distincy geo’ic boundaries o Governed by elected councils o Granted taxing power o BUT: municipal govts are not recognized in the constitution as independent orders of govt (more on this later…)  Government vs. Governance o Government refers to particular kinds of ‘public’ institutions vested w/ formal authority to make decisions on behalf of the entire local community o Collaborative relationships and decision-making take place b/w officials in these local institutions o Governance refers to the myriad of other institutions and orgs beyond gov’t which collaborate to make decisions that affect the local community o It incl. collective decisions made I the public sector, the private sector, and civil society (e.g. registered charities, trade unions, professional associations, advocacy groups)  Multilevel Government and Governance o Multilevel government  Refers to arrangements bw municipal and provincial govt officials, municipal and fed officials, or all 3 levels of govr  E.g. gas tax fund agreement (federal-municipal) o Multilevel governance  Describes a situation in municipal govts and one of the other levels of govt form cooperative agreements with civil society groups to address local issues  E.g. Canada line rapid transit project Vancouver  Complex array of stakeholders and interest groups, incl. each level of govt, business community, coalition of transit users  What do municipal govts do? o Provide services  Subordinate to and often viewed as less important than other levels of govt  Deal mainly with boring issues – roads, pa
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