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Political Science

Page 1 POL312 – Canadian Foreign Policy Lecture 13 Prof. Greaves Bilateralism – Canada and US - Sharing a continent o We are the youngest country in North America and the smallest. Mexico and US has a very high population rate. - However, they don’t always have a friendly relationship o Canada and US relation was British and US relation  Canada didn’t exist back then, which is significant because US used to be a part of UK.  We were both British colonies but the paths we took to be independent were radically different. o Part of that process was an extended time of imperial revolutionary period of US and UK as well as France and UK. War of 1812 is considered by some as hostility between UK and US.  Boundary disputes  We still have it to this day.  This is crucial in making a peaceful foundation of Canada-US bilateralism. We didn’t have open hostilities but we were afraid of Americans.  Canada is so much smaller than the US so Canada is a little th more welcoming. In 19 century, this friendliness between the two countries as well as the demilitarization of the border Jan 10 2013 IS.SP Page 2 POL312 – Canadian Foreign Policy Lecture 13 Prof. Greaves started from Americans thinking “why not?” – very logical view. It was a good opportunity for trade and Canadians wouldn’t invade them. o The similarity between the two overlooks French influence in Canada. It puts them out of existence.  When this idea of natural union between US and Canada fade as animating American policy: the war creates Europe “other” from North America. It is the “unsophisticated” North American that went to help Europe – it mean
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