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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science

POL312 – Canadian Foreign Policy Lecture 22 Prof. Greaves Mar 21 2013 IS.SP Class 22 Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Development - Exam: o Wednesday April 10 2013 o 7-9pm o Rm EX320 (255 McCaul St.) Natural resources and CanFP - Overlapping issues and issue linkage o Economic growth vs. environmental protection o Aboriginal politics: indigenous rights and sovereignty  Historically had different relationship with the natural environment, meaning it depicts Aboriginal people’s relationship with the nature  Because the land bases in America has shrunk successively in North America for the indigenous, they have become very protective of the indigenous land o Climate change and development in Global South o Can-US: joint GHG targets. NAFTA, and pipelines  Has implication because we have that massive resource had  i.e. Bilateral energy trade between Canada and the US o Climate change and Arctic resources o Natural resources and FDI at home and abroad  Nexen bought by CNOOC for $15 million  Barrick Gold widely criticized for mines in Chile, PND, and DR  Wide concern raised in the Canadian business sector o Resource Boom driven by  Scarcity: peak oil (-ish) and high prices (now falling)  Technological change: unconventional oil (bitumen), unconventional natural gas (shale), deep water drilling  We have developed new ways and technologies to get the energy. Staples Theory (Harold Innis) - Canadian economy i
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