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Political Science

Chretien-Martin • November 1993 – February 2006 • together Chretien-Martin are the longest running single-party mandate other than Trudeau-Clark • context ◦ collapse of the PC party (decimated in elections, 2 seats in 1993) – PC ceases to be a party ◦ not only did they win solid majority mandate, Liberals had effectively no opposition in Parliament from 1993-7 ▪ Bloc Quebecois became Opposition in House of Commons ▪ fragmentation of opposition ◦ national unity crisis: failure to effectively resolve constitutional reform that would have brought Quebec into fold of Constitution ▪ failure of constitutional reform leads to creation of Bloc Quebecois and 1995 referendum ◦ Liberal “Red Book” was domestic-focused; little discussion of FP gave Chretien Liberals freedom of action ◦ structural changes of post-Cold War Jean Chretien • b. 1934 • PM (Liberal) – November 1993 – December 2003 • “le petit gars de Shawinigan” – humble roots, lawyers, master politician • elected 1963, didn't speak English • was part of every Liberal cabinet from 1965-1993; > 12 portfolios, including Parliamentary Secretary to Pearson, DIAND, Justice (patriation of Constitution), Finance under Trudeau, and Deputy PM under Turner • “Friendly dictatorship” - 3 consecutive majority governments ◦ only other figures who can claim this are Mackenzie King, Laurier, MacDonald, Trudeau ◦ friendly – generally socially progressive, fairly well-received BUT he was the boss, repeatedly kicked people out of caucus, didn't tolerate backtalk Paul Martin Jr. • b. 1938 • PM (Liberal) December 2003 – February 2006 • son of former Liberal minister, Paul Sr. • Successful businessman, owner of Canada Steamship Lines • Chre
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