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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 -competing schools of thought for essay -case specific schools of thought of those who wrote on them -much writing on cfp is normative and prescriptive, telling them how they can behave in a better way..must avoid that , what cdn gvmt did and why..what why and description and prescription, condemnation can be left to one paragraph at end -4 phases in war in afghan, getting in to war 2001, getting out 2002, getting in evermore 2003- 2008, then getting out slowlygradually decision number 1(phase number one going in 2001-2002, FIRST DECISION DECLARING WAR sept 12 2001), here two questions immediately pop up, where do we get evidence and what do we do with it. much material we need is just not there. some of best info comes from memoirs. relying on data, consistency matching(have causesdeterminants and if its consistent with events) fundamental decision to declare war, done at canadian initiative through nato, it was our bright idea to go to afghan. Chretien, overseas canada was first to talk about article 5 in nato, number 1 off the mark, next g8 summit be cancelled or moved thought ralph klein, chretien brushed that off.chretien clearly chose g8 centric approach(diplomacy of concert) that is what happened.. WHY: Determinants: E
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