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Political Science

Oct 11 2012 POL 312Y1 – Canadian Foreign Policy Prof. Greaves POL 312Y1 – Canadian Foreign Policy ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecture 5 – Thursday, Oct 11, 2012 Early 20 century – Canada as Nation - Each of the historical themes will be recurring in the course. North American fact - 2 aspects: geographic situation in N. America and proximity to US - Geography: Sharing a continent with US and Mexico – from Canadian view we are closer to US. - Language: French were competing with Britain for the continent – we have preserved and maintained this linguistic minority in Quebec. US has too, although it has replaced it with Spanish speaking community. So we share a language English, and also existence of minority language. - Culture: we have very important values and theories of liberalism with US. We share ethnic ground that used to be more similar than today – predominantly white. - Ethnicity: both mostly from UK and French, but US and Canada are different in a sense that US has more African American. - Canadian independence: Canada and US do not see the kinds of behavior that led to violent conflict between each other. They are allied in happy circumstances. This political relationship has not been predetermined. - North American geography = essential fact of Canadian history - US independence created 2 countries o Modern Canada o Immigrants from US became the backbone of Canadian society (wealthy) and brought with them the tradition in validity of British rules. This loyalty to the mother country became a significant part of Canadian history. - From the early conflict to security community - Framework to contemporary Canada-US bilateralism o There is nothing new in histories of the countries since so closely related - Narcissism of minor difference: gravitational pull of US? o There was a deeply held belief among US that they didn’t need to concur us. It was going to happen eventually o Simple progress of liberalism became the willing member of US - Video that was supposed to be shown today will be posted. Video deals with this phenomenon of crown and sovereignty. Federalism, sovereignty, crown - Crown: Page 1 Oct 11 2012 POL 312Y1 – Canadian Foreign Policy Prof. Greaves o One-man corporation – corporate entity that we have given political authority to, and put in the center of system of government. this is where our sovereign power is invested. Crown is literal embodiment of the power of this country. o We are large territory and 80% of it is Crown land. This is a more dramatic claim on pa
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