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Political Science

Oct 4 2012 POL 312Y1 – Canadian Foreign Policy Prof. Greaves POL 312Y1 – Canadian Foreign Policy ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecture4 – Thursday, Oct 4, 2012 National interest - Important - Pratt was critical of the scholars he was citing. These 2 quotes were taken from the Pratt article – he doesn’t agree with them. - Natural interest doesn’t change overnight. - There is a lot of danger in accepting government in national interest. National interest is not just about what gov tells us. - Each of the theories we covered last class has to do with the national interest. How we define national interest – it is about Canadian interest. Each of this theory with CFP – what it should be best for Canada, not anything else 2003 – imminent American invasion of Iraq - LI: Goal of CFP is to keep Americans on the side. Because this is the primary goal, the failure of Canada to join US is simply not in Canada’s national interest because it takes away military allies. Even though we didn’t commit large number of forces, we were still providing support to the US. Ally – US was invading without authorization of UN so it was illegal. Canada as a middle power we need to not only play along with others but also create common rules so we have greater certainty with allied countries. Because o this coalition of middle power was not in the Iraq, we have the most interest in creating the common set with the interest group. - PD: For all these reasons and general wariness of middle power, Canada is not likely to participate. - CNR: What would we have gotten out of it? We might have done it because we might have been pressured by the US. In that environment we shouldn’t feel pressured, but should be filtered through the lens whether it is in Canada’s interest. US didn’t authorize so we didn’t participate, so it might not be not good enough reason. The national interest – determinants External determinants - CFP has been largely deployed in interest of Canadian corporations overseas. - Determinants determine particular policies. - What is the most important is determined by one’s approach. - Big personal wealth has influence on country. - These things can happen and we have to adjust to these events. Societal determinants - Domestic - Canada and multiculturalism Page 1 Oct 4 2012 POL 312Y1 – Canadian Foreign Policy Prof. Greaves Governmental determinants - Seems domestic, but different. The rest of class will be about this. There is Individual determinants (about individuals) but not listed on the slide. - Government has to enjoy the confidence of majority of the members in the
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