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Political Science

Nov 1 2012 POL 312Y1 – Canadian Foreign Policy Prof. Greaves POL 312Y1 – Canadian Foreign Policy ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecture 8 – Trudeau (and Clark) Lecture is short today because there was a quiz - In July 24 1967 there was an incident – French president visited Canada and went to Montreal. He stood on the Montreal city hall and said “Long live independent Quebec” and this was a huge deal because you don’t go to another country and encourage movement. He showed his view that Quebec should be independent. This was publicly inflamed by a big political figure. - Different responses about this: o Paul Martin Sr. – mild response that Canada should not really express the objection to this. Not make it bigger deal than what it is o Trudeau - this was an upfront Canadian sovereignty and we needed an apology from him for this. - This little episode is used to mark the transition of federal liberal politician to political arrival of Trudeau. This is how he won colleagues in cabinet. When he became prime minister he did not follow middle power footsteps of Pearson. - 1967 was a huge part of modernization of the Middle East, which had an affect on Canadian idea of what peacekeeping is. This is why Pearson had to leave. Trudeau - 1979 he announced to step down and was succeeded by John Clark. Then he shouldn’t have come back but he did. - A very important figure 3 fundamentals - National unity imperative o By virtue of his biculturalism deeply held that Quebec is part of Canada, his concern was not foreign policy but domestic. He recognized the value of foreign policy including maintaining Quebec
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