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s. 2 Analytical Approaches and Normative Issues in the Study of Canadian Federalism A. Analytical Approaches 1. Questions:  Rationale  Types of alternative approaches  Evaluation 2. Alternative Approaches Applied to Canadian Federalism (Smiley 1987, chapter 1, esp. pp. 3-11; Watts (2008), chapter 1, s. 1.6 pp. 19- 23)  Early constitutional-legal approaches, 1900-1930 (e.g. Dawson, 1935)  Liberal political economy approaches, 1930-1945 (e.g. Corry)  Institutional approaches, 1945-1960 (e.g. Dawson, 1946)  Shift to look at the way political institutions function between the two levels of government  How federal and provincial cabinets make decisions  Tends to focus on federal makeup of cabinet and patterns of intergovernmental relations i.e. meetings between decision makers both Federally and Provincially  Study of the Senate as a study of federalism as it meant to represent the different regions of Canada (Senate has never functioned in the way it was supposed to under the federal system)  Sociological (societal-centered
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