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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Simone Chambers

NIETZSCHE GENEALOGY - the true genesis of morality and Christianity 1. What is a genealogy? 2. Slave morality and herd morality 3. Master morality a. Grand master b. Task master c. Beyond good and evil - Genealogy of Western morality - The content has not really changed since ancient times - Universality and egalitarian content - Promise keeping and not lying - The genesis of this - His argument – dev of morality is like a power play, those who are suffering try to suppress the strong - Plato – ancient Greek ideals (celebration of strength) there is an intro of universalist which is motivated by resentment of the heroic individual who can stand above other peoples - Equality – reaction against the heroic morality of the ancient world MODERN MORALITY - Not just the content, but the idea of morality as it understood - “Every morality… everything is permitted…” – he wants us to acknowledge that morality is the set of rule which we impose, modern morality, by definition, is universal – if say X is good, X is good for everybody - Wants us to think that there could be multiple moralities which are true - If he is champion of any morality does the above hold? MASTER MORALITY - Set of values which is true, not just his opinion, but is only relevant to a certain group of people, most of all will not be able to live according to discipline of master morality - The problem of slave morality – but most peoples should live under the discipline under SM – how much we are the same – this gives hope to those who are at the bottom - The most important defining feature – the motivation (the dependence/independence) of the attitude SLAVE MORALITY - Slave Morality (modern ethics, Kant, dem, Ch) starts from identifying of what is evil in the world, starts in negativity, interested in punishment and showing what is immoral and identifying those peoples who are immoral, born in negativity and projects out and creates an other and blames the other for your predicament (being poor, unhappy, living in oppression) – this makes you feel better  The structure of blame  Is not good because it is not life affirmation  Born out of sickness and unhappiness  N is looking for something good MASTER MORALITY - Focuses on what is good - Sounds general and empty, what is the actual content? - Cannot judge yourself through others - Have to be confident in what you are doing - Someone like an artist - What is the value of art - Putting a urinal on the wall in a museum – this is good because you want to est new values and start a new conversation - What would this urinal thing be like for philosophy? Nietzsche himself? THE NEW MORALITY 1. Reevaluation of all values (what is it good for) 2. Creative, life affirming, noble, strong 3. Dionysian (not Apollonian) 4. Amor fati WE HAVE TO EVALUATE VALUES - What is good for? What does it do for us? For the good of the world? - Stepping back and looking who benefits form these values - One of the answers – the values we have are beneficial to most ppl - What if the cost that it is costly to special individuals, who are then seen as immoral and problematic, their abilities are hemmed in by the new morality, want sot step back and questions - Talks about NAPOLEON – did not always follow conventional morality CREATIVE STRENGTH OF NEW MORALITY - Luther “here I stand I can do no other” - This would be a part of the new morality THERE IS STILL NOT A LOT OF CONTENT - If we want to live beyond good and evil - How would we do this? - Introduces a “weird” doctrine – the doctrine of eternal recurrence - Eternal recurrence – the world we live in repeats itself over and over again - You do not come back as someone difference, you come back exactly as you are and the exactly thing happens to you - You must live your life such as that if you lived this life over and over again you would feel happy, you would look forward to live your life over - New morality should be joyous and life affirming, position, non resentful - Part of this is exercising your will and strength – confidence, strength, decision and will - Does not tell you exactly what to do - But the way in how to do it - The test – do you love your fate CONTROVERSY - Does he mean this literary? Or is this metaphorical - You have to life as if (has to be this one probably) - But there is some evidence that he believed it literary PAGE 68 - Buddha and Schopenhauer - The idea of eternal recurrence POLITICS 1. Undetermined 2. Personal aesthetic ideal? 3. Culture critique minus politics? 4. Aristocracy? 5. Petty and grand politics 6. Political or apolitical or anti-political IS THIS NOT POLITICAL AT ALL? OR IS THERE POLITICS INVOLVED? - Politics is about how we org soc, the structure and rules of interaction - Politics may be about us on the inside, trying to cultivate best we can be - Problem of contemporary soc – war on everything which not like everything else, weird, etc - Value of standing alone – there are no institutional or social structure, the is no oppression of the other – the structure it implies has the most amount of freedom INDEPENDENT AESTHETIC IDEAL - Can be interpreted to be consistent with liberality - There are slave and master moralities - With higher and lower cultures, there are attempts to communicate… master is not about oppressing slave, but we all have master and slave inside of us and we should be cultivating the master - But not everyone can be a maser - How can you strive to be a master if not all can become this CULTURE CRITIQUE - CRITIQUE if the bourgeois society, the leveling involved - The average, common, etc – not good - Those who are extraordinary should be allowed to develop - Conforming mentality – herd morality - Dem, conventional morality, Ch – leads to a soc which values mediocrity - CRITIQUE of the democratic culture – kind of like Mill -
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