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POL320 March 14 Lecture

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Political Science
Simone Chambers

LECTURE 19March 14th 2013Critique of Liberalism On the Jewish QuestionJews lacked equal civilpolitical libertiesSolutionsEmancipations for Jews Protestant state recognizes Jews as equal citizens conservativesPolitical emancipation for all secular state ignores all religion property status etc and recognizes only equal citizens liberalsHuman emancipation abolish religious economic status etc difference and create equal human beings Marxsocialism 1st way of doing it 2nd way is more like how we do it nowliberal idea that you dont have a Protestant state that recognizes Jews but a state that recognizes all independent racegenderetcblind Jews in Germany would prefer first state should be unprejudicedshould just be neutral treat everyone as human beings 3rd option what Marx advocateshuman emancipationnot an argument against one but against twopolitical emancipation itself is a fraudactual topic has to do with general claim of liberal state to all categories this piece of writing not really about just Jews however whole thing even though not really about Jews Marx says some pretty troubling things about Jews particularly in 2nd sectionbut originally from a Jewish familynominal Jew then nominal Lutheranwhatever would make life easierclearly doesnt think of self as being Jewish appears to have adopted troubling antisemantic tropes2nd section of this piece wants to make this argument that all bourgeois had become Jewsmoneygrubbling hustlers rhetoric relevant to Jews antisemantic but primarily interested purelyexclusively in trying to bring home problems with bourgeois capitalism in other contexts fine with Jewish emancipation criticizes other writers saying bad things about Jews etc idea is the 3rd one about human emancipationpicture liberal state if actually acknowledging that property inequalities have no space deeply problematic but doesnt want to change itcreates this category no money poorbut here as citizens as equal as richest personMarx says thats a fantasyabout the same weight as Christians saying all equal before god property wont matter on judgement day etcemancipationthe level of civil societynot at the state Whats Wrong with LiberalismPolitical emancipation vs human emancipationPublicprivatePoliticalsocialCitizenbourgeois Statecivil society
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