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Mary Wollstonecraft 1759-1797 Feminism and Canon (Charlotte Witt) 1. The canon as misogynist a. Explicit misogyny b. Gendered concepts c. Gendered package 2. Revising the canon a. Retrieval of women voices 3. Appropriating the canon a. Reread the canon for feminist agenda She struggled financially all her life, had an abuse father She went to france, She doesn’t talk about politics (constitutions, governments) in her vinidictation  Talks about characters that women have developed  Pp.332 some inequalities run so deep in culture that change in institutions is not enough, need a revolution of education in society (upbringing kids) o Man and women must live in a society where their opinions are molded by society. Every being can be virtuous through the principle of perfectability (barriers to this are cultural norms)  In order for enlightenment to be success, we need a revolution in society and culture  Pp. 335 tyranny and slavery: strengthen the female by cultivating it, obeidience, tyrants and sentralists, former wants slaves and the latter for play things o Men see women as sexual objects, thus women internalize this idea. Wants to please me, to be beautiful. It’s analogous to tyranny o What it means to be a woman is constructed by the society  Ideal character tied to rationality, influenced by male philosophers  Courtiers are constructed by society, their soul is behind them. Just as women are not born as “ladies” o The idea of women has corrupted nature, while men are virtuous are differentiated by sentiment and passion. The former is possessed by women: weak and lack intellectual content. While many men are stupid, but great men all have passion (solitude and reflection) in common  Women troubled with trivial, frivolous things  Says Burke is troubled by trivial things like women, i.e marie Antoinette and beauty o Burke thought gallantry brings out the best in men, it shows respect and appreciation for men 1 o But gallantry creates a fake character for women (tries to get men to get to open doors for them)  But it’s all about power, like power over your children where you don’t want them to talk back or be independent  She uses and attacks gender aesthetics o Burke associate beauty with females, but doesn’t say they are only interested in aesthetics,
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