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POL320 Lecture on Burke

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Simone Chambers

Nov.21 Pol320 Mistakes of the French Revolution  Revolutionaries hate their past (social, political), Burke says this is like hating yourself “you set up your trade without capital” : you start your position of self loathing  National Assembly from the third estate, therefore they aren’t long term politicians. The Gentry had a traditional statesmenship. They rely on theoreticians rather than experience  The destruction of prejudice- in Burke’s world it’s a positive connation, things that are raised in habit and they are intuitive.  Nothing in heaven or earth constrains a constituent assembly. National assembly has no standings that restrain their powers in writing their constitution p.45 “the assembly since the destruction of the orders, has no fundamental law…nothing can control them” o Like a sovereign with no limits  Should hairdressers rule? Believes that moral equality does not equal social equality, society needs classes to be effective p.39”no honest employment is dishonourable, state will be oppressed, the state is not combating prejudice but nature” the talents of running the government does not fall equally- can’t think of everyone as honourable because then honor falls apart. He is anti- egalitarian on the social and political level (not moral level). P.37 “  Leveling does not equalize  P.52 “said 24 mil ought to prevail over 200,000 (general pop of aristocratic)” means that just being arithmetically stronger does not make you correct. Politics as a problem of arithmetic. Leads to problem the role representative. Burke says you do not vote for someone to represent their interests but b.c
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