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Political Science

Burke QuotesNothing is leftour institutions can never be embodied to create in us loveincapable of filling their placeIdea that politics cannot be based on reason alone On the scheme of this barbarous philosophy Enlightenment which is the offspring of cold understandinglaws are to be supported only by their own terrorspg 66 Why do you obey laws EnlightenmentBc they are right On this scheme of things a King is but a man a queen is but a woman and a woman is but an animal and one not of the highest orderBurke is clearly not a feminist To make us love our country our country ought to be lovely pg 67 There is an aesthetic dimension to politics Aesthetics is the study of beautyLooking into the way in which objects in the world make us feel Look at politics as institutions as if they are works or art and how do they make us feel Burkes aesthetic theory1 BeautyFemaleMakes us feel good2 SublimeMaleInspires awe and fear All the pleasing illusions that make power gentle areto be dissolved by this conquering of light and reason Discussion on authority Certain element of brutality that is inevitable in politics It is not 16 or 17 years since I saw the Queen of FranceI saw her just about the horizon glittering like the morning star what a revolution andI thought 10000 swords must leave their scabbards but the age of chivalry is gone that subordination of the heart kept the spirit of freedom Burke is getting at the fact that in order to have a viable political community you have to have strong allegiances Willing to fight for something is tied not to reason but its tied to your heart and the way things make you feelBeliefs1 he supported the Americans because firstly he believed revolution to be justified in order to regain or restore something lost Americans were being taxed and their payments were benefiting the British exchequer but they had no votesthey had therefore as Burke saw it lost
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