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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Simone Chambers

Lecture 2092210The Dover translation of Hegel is not the best Tutorials start next weekRousseau 17171778thContradictionstensions in Rousseaus text reflect the same of the 18 century He is the father of romanticism to some and the father of enlightenment to othersIn our examination of Rousseau we will contrast Rousseau the romantic to Rousseau the enlightenment thinkerWe will read his Discourse on the Origin of Inequality is a critique of the enlightenment He is the father of modern democracy to some and the father of modern totalitarianism to othersHis LifeHis life is very relevant to his writings his life in a word was a messmany aspects of his life are reflected in his workHe was very famous during his time was the most read after Voltaire significant as a great thinker did not come from a richnoble background had no formal education however wanted an intellectual careerRousseau had a patron female who paid him to writehe preferred women patrons At the end of his life he wrote The Confessions a tellall memoire which reveals the unconventionalities of his life it is apparent that he was not held back by social formalitiesAt the age of 30 Rousseau decides that he would move to Paris to make his fortuneA great lover of music later to be a composer Rousseau created a new form of musical notation which he hoped would replace the conventional form This endeavor p
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