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Lecture 7

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Political Science
Simone Chambers

Lecture 7102710III The Legacy1Its up to us but do not despair2Reason3Autonomy4Respect and dignity5Impartiality and universalizationSome Generalization about Kantancient times answer on general questions on all knowledge through observations 1st authority of the naturethe 2nd authority in the ancients is the concept of God18th century a third source of question a radical and different it was the question on the source of our knowledgeHume spearheaded this radical movementHume says we combine concepts from everything we observe from outside there is no innate knowledgecreativity and imagination is just combinations and construction of things of realityHume pointed out a minor problem of this view though you have outside world and your mind then how do we know our mind or our eyes does not actually alter true perception of realityie vending machine vs slot machine each takes different types of coins but gets money but in different forms of same amount Even though same amount vending might only think in quarters while slot machine only thinks of dimespenniesnickels etcthe introduction of skepticism led Hume to embrace that we cant know that world exists etcno way of assessing the empiricity of the world at allHume says we have to act like the knowledge we know is sound act like our perception is true etcPerhaps else lose our mind our sanity pure chaos to world we think we knowKants solution to the problem first postulate 2 worlds the first world is the noumenal world it is the world that is independent of our grasp or perception of it and we can postulate its existence in the negativeThen theres the world we grasp the phenomenal world the world of appearanceSecond thing Kant said was he preceded through the critical methodHe postulates that human understanding does alter or structure the world it does so through categoriesCategories is simply the way look at the world it is the way rational beings look at the worldHumans when they confront the world we generalize structuralize it and
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