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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Joseph H.Carens

POL320 Lecture Jan 9 2012 Freedom discussionFreedom ought to be related somehow to reasonTension between freedom that comes from satisfaction of desire and freedom that comes from reflectionHegel big believer in reason freedom and reflectionFreedom is not free that can refer to the need for military defence and used towards finances we live in a capitalist economyDependant on if we have the money to do something travel etcFreedom is shaped and channelled by this think of this another wayyou have some choice a wide variety of choices are open to you to how you satisfy your desiresCapitalist society makes people feel unfree constrained by money cant pursue goals or desires because dont have enough money to do so and surviveRestraint on freedomsThings that you haveproperty can be a vehicle for your freedomHegel talks about relationship between property and freedom private property is a vehicle of freedom for himWe have a capacity for critical reflection to stand back from what we desire and think about whethe
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