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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Arnd Jurgensen

POL326 January 7, 2014 • Piracy, something we’re familiar with like Somalia. • a factor for centuries in the Mediterranean but was in control by the knights of Malta. • unfortunately, in 1802 Napoleon invaded Molta and disassembled the knights of Malta. • among the ships attacked wereAmerican ships, British and French. • the US had no navy and no way to deal with this problem • for the first decade or so whenAmerica wasn’t an indepedent state, they would pay a lot of money • 1801 JohnAdams withdrawed that and raised a navy and they won • 1805 with the government of Terpeli freed the hostages taken by the pirates and reached an agreement that bypassed protection money • Algeria were the main sponsor of pirates. • seemed to go in favor of the pirates in 1812, by 1815, the pirates were thoroughly feated by American trae and ships • not only was trade foremost in the minds of the american politicians, protect economic opportunities • foreign economic policy was considered HIGH POLICY and trumped security policy and military policy • this can be seen as • Bretton woods system, and so on and so forth • it was only in the brief period fromWWII until the collapse of the Sov Un that national security trumped economic interest and policy in the making of US foreign policy • security policy became high policy and economic was low poilicy • what was required for national security policy during the cold war coinsided with the US economics, they reinforced each other. • this brief policy ended with the national security threat that the cold war intended to address in collapse of the soviet union. • The main actors that brought about the collapse ultimately got the benefits of that. • for that reason took credit of winning the cold war and sada hussam and in 1991 looked like he was unasailable. He failed because his opponent bill clinton was able to side step those successes in part of George Herbert Walker Bush • “its the economy stupid” meaning, Bush was successful in the cold war endeavors but that didnt make a difference, what mattered was the economic prosperity in which Bush and Ragen ignored. • This made a great deal of sense in 1992, US faced no threats so they would focus on the economy instead. • implicit suggestion that the clinton suggestion there would be a piece dividend after the cold war by focusing on infrastructure and strengthening the economy, this didn’t come about • Now, increase focus on trade. Bush Senior there was a move towards free-trade agreement, US Mexico and Canada, Economic Policy POL326 January 7, 2014 • one way of understanding trade and eco policy and its impact on foreign policy was articulated by Walter Mead: the idea of hard power and soft power. He called economic power as STICKY POWER. Its ability to attract other countries into the US economics and then traps them in it. Once a particular international system becomes involved with the US it is hard to get out without a large sum. This way they can as a state to make them, in the international system, do things they otherwise would not do . • China has a similar doctrine which dates back to 200 BC, when the power holders in China located in Beijing were under attack by northern barbarians. Chinese military was organized into chariots and didnt know how to deal with it but they did. They surrendered, they gave the barbarians what they wanted (Mongolia) is goods and various forms of textiles. T
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