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Lecture 22

POL328Y1 Lecture 22: Debates on India's Growth Transformation

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Kanta Murali

POL328 Lecture 22 Poverty and human development in India What explains failures? Corruption in India IndiaChina comparison Understanding shifts in economic development in Bangladesh o since mid18s, dramatic transformation in social improvement Scholarly debates on Indias growth transformation Neoliberal perspective o viewed the era of state direct development as a significant weakness and failure o believes the role of the state itself was fundamentally responsible for the mediocre growth rate and developments in 1991 o market reforms itself shifted the nature of India economy and gains propel was the sign of state directed development and view those reforms in a positive manner o this viewpoint suggest that many continue failure of India development is because there hasnt been enough growth o this viewpoint looks at positive outcomes of India growth and view that state regulation was a failure in India economy and move away from it gained in Indias growth outcomes o suggest that state regulation was a weakness until 1991, the opening up led to major gains and now still need more opening up o more development = state has to withdraw from economy Statist perspective o the nature transformation in that relationship between state and private sector, led to gain of the apex but also the probusiness of changes that was responsible for changes below o the statist not only emphasize consequences but has major implications for functioning Indian democracy o This perspective actively link patterns of growth to exclusion to democratic consequences o focus on nature of policy process suggest that its less exclusive in many ways and that has significant consequences for the nature of democracy o This view point looks at the gains and the cost of India reforms o inclusion of marginalized groups into the process and gains is important but social democratic framework o weakness: distributional consequences and terms of level of poverty remain in India Views from the left o views market reforms as a failure in many ways o Marxist views
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