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POL334 January 25

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Rodney Haddow

January 25 2012POL334 The Quiet Revolution 196019805Theme New III emerge transform QC politics Essayaddress the questions asked Not necessarily theory but analysis Have contemporary events that you explain Institutions ideas and interests What are dominant ideas in policy area in time you are writing aboutDefine all terms differently Institutions are pre existing government programs and state institutions Write analytically not necessarily wtheory State your conclusion explicitlyheres essay topichypothesismethodconclusion all in introUse factiva for newspaper articlesTheme New III emerge transform QC politics1950s in Quebecvast majority of QB were excluded from participating from economic life of province unless were willing to assimilate to english speaking lifeForces of modernization embodied in an urban societyIn conflict as it were w political realities that were legacies of an earlier age tension exists and something has to change trudeau1New Interests New Middle Class NMC New Unionsdisplaces franco clericaladminanglo business political powerUnion nationale Cannot have a quebec conservative partyConservatives have taken a pro conscription consensus and had been seen as bashing QB in both world warsseen as imposing a double subordinationGroup of educated quebecois who had secular skillsArtistsGroup of people gradually emerging of second world war and became strong force in this changeThey were secular so didnt want to live by the church NMC universities white collar employees government cultural sector
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