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Political Science

POL312 – Canadian Foreign Policy Lecture 16 Prof. Greaves Feb 7 2013 IS.SP Class 17 – Official Development Assistance  What is Aid? o Deliberate from emergency humanitarian aid from military and military assistance o Highly romanticized understanding of what this is about – it is always in service of some other pressing national interest. o development v. Development – it is about measures like health, education, et.  Lowercase d – development: people can live healthier and longer improved human well-being.  Capital D – Development: political project of expanding capitalist sphere of influence  Who is interested and who benefits? Whose interests does aid serve in the Development project?  The flip side is not true in a sense that there is no requirement in funding for lower case development. o We lost war in Afghan because of another war in Afghan. Similar dynamics happen. You try something but cannot achieve it because you don’t focus on it.  Canada’s Aid Agenda o Motives  National Prestige  Responsibility to recipients and/or other donors  Commercial Self-interest o Effectiveness becomes substitute for “good policy” which is really the government’s preferred policy, but wit
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