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Political Science

Oct 23 2012 POL 337Y1 – Canadian Constitution Prof. Vuk Radmkovic POL 337Y1 – Canadian Constitution ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Lecture 7 – Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012 What is the key issue in advising governor general? - It doesn’t seem right to parole parliament based on your political experiment. But it would be hard to diffuse that request. What is federalism? - You must know this - Doubt to legislate within particular set of jurisdictional area – neither of which can subjugate the other. Each level of government are in that sense sovereign. Evolution of Canadian federalism - 1. Lower Canada consist mostly of French-speaking people. Upper Canada is Southern Ontario where there are mostly English-speaking people - 2. New Brunswick - 3. Nova Scotia - John A. McDonalds - George Etienne Cartier o Friend of McDonalds o French Canadian, o Was not that important at the time but today he is considered important - Shadow of US o Creating a big country to defend itself o 1867 – there are not many countries that are federal. Canada is thinking of having this federal system of govt. Then US is, and it just had civil war. So this has perception that federalism is messy and leads to war. - Shadow of Great Britain o On the other hand, GB is calmer. - Goal was creating one Canada. o Common defense o Commercial prosperity  Political expansion etc. o Bridging the ethno-linguistic divide  Canada has a significant territorially concentrated linguistic divide Page 1 Oct 23 2012 POL 337Y1 – Canadian Constitution Prof. Vuk Radmkovic  How to create government structure that allows English speaking and French speaking Canadians to live together  US doesn’t provide anything in that regard because it is not multinational - 3 key factions o One supported by John A McDonalds and unitarists  They like unitary government (Great Britain style) and fear federalist government particularly through what happened to US (Civil War)  Federalism was something strange, sinister, and might not integrate properly.  Want to create new primary identity and new uniform legislative union o Quebec and the provincial right activists  How do you protect culture? Local government does.  Their interest of having as much power as possible on some provincial level  Merely delegate the power to that central government  True confederation  Wanted to preserve homogeneity in local identities and social identities o George Etienne Cartier  French Canadian and friends with McDonalds  Key to getting French speaking support toward the union  Believed in federalism  Trudeau (French Canadian who believed in
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