Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Ross Michael Pink

LECTURE ONE: INTRODUCTION TO POL 340 WHY DO WE FOLLOW LAWS? WHY THEORY? - Realism - Human security - Cosmopolitanism ARISTOTLE - People obey because of the fear of being caught - Not because they are more virtuous, but because they fear being caught HOBBES - Life is nasty, brutish and short - The idea behind this I do not want to live in the state of nature, I can loose my stuff, my family might get killed – so I will give up a little of my freedom in exchange for more protection - This is what we do in the modern times, we all give up some freedoms in exchange we get protection WHY DO WE OBEY LAWS - There is something that holds one person back (ex punishment) MONTESQUIEU „THE SPIRIT OF THE LAWS‟ - Why do we separate branches of the govt? - Why do need checks and balances? Because we can not always trust people who are in charge because abuse of power is likely - Plato‟s „statesman‟ DUAL HUMAN NATURE - Some people do good things and some people do bad things - You cannot trust the individual - Law is different, law is not perfect, but it is a better guide for humanity - Plato: best govt bas
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