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LECTURE 5: INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS - Slow evolution of international law > evolutionary process - The starting point is the treaty of Westphalia - The League of Nations > progressive evolutions > was no perfect, but set stage for the UN > the UN is more engaged and more effective - (Page 1283) Growth of the NGOs > not only global, but they gain respect of the international community and govts worldwide - Prisoner – kept out of solitary confinement because of AI letter campaign - Just because they aren’t attached to govt does not mean they have no influence - A lot of monitoring is done by the NGO community > give strength to treaties and conventions which are being enforced in the international community NATO - Formed as a military alliance to counter the Soviet threat (1939-50) - Powerful community state (Russia) and the cold war - NATO – as means to contain the USSR (containment) - USSR responded with the Warsaw Pact - There is not much of a threat today SECURITY COUNCIL - There is more co-operation since the cold war ended - There will always be disagreement because each cares about itself - Even if countries are on friendly terms, there will be disagreements - Self interest of the state; what is their interest in the humanitarianism COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES - Alliance of former Soviet States ARAB LEAGUE - Designed to address social/ economic/ cultural issues ASEAN & APEC - Asian pacific states and important Western powers and Russia INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS - There is a trend > globalization > international integration - International law foundations being established - They are not perfect, but if you step back and take a global view - UN, NATO, WARSAW PACT, ARAB LEAGUE, ASEAN, APEC, WTO, GATT - This is the path of the global community - Globalization, integration and international law - We give up some of our freedoms to be a part of the larger community - Which is better? - Labour costs and globalization, there are winners and losers - For example, Quebec used to have a prosperous textile industry - Moving into other areas of development - Industrial policy – states pick winners to back, something they will give part of the GNP to the firms - South Korea – wanted to push a car industry (strong multiplier of the economy) - Japan – 1950s aggressively pursued policy to promote the auto sector - Industrial policy, supported by the state can be very effective - You can use WTO and the GATT system to your advantage, but if you are not in the position of a developed economy, the WTO can be a mixed bag WTO ARTICLE - Part of international law, it is an int’l legal treaty - Is not equitable, function of power relationships (eco relationships) between member states; those with more power – have more influence on WTO - If fact, most of the disputes that are taken to arbitration are from developed states and when a dispute is taken to fight is expensive (int’l lawyers) - Equity – developing states (LDC) do not have millions to spend on legal fees - LDCs cannot really flight tread disputes and unfair trade practices - Page 554: ―Lawyering‖ – you have to get ―lawyered‖ up - Trade law is difficult and contentious, if you are going to fight cases at the WTO, you have to have top layers, puts LDCs at disadvantage - There is a legal capacity issue to fight trade disputes - The creation of WTO in 1995 (phenomenal?) - New trade regime > GATT expanded > new era of global eco integration - International is like a sister to int’l law - The org stood as inst embodiment pred
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