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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Ross Michael Pink

INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW WATER IN THE WORLD - Only about 1% of world water is drinkable - Growing global population (currently – 7 billion, in the year 2050 – 9 bil) - Where are we going to get the additional water, given that water is already a scarce resource for some states - Some states are “water poor” and getting more stressed (India, Middle East) - Globally – issues, challenges, problems - Water – biggest human rights issue - 1/7 of the world’s population does not have access to clean water - Water rights – close connection to sanitation - In many dev areas, the sanitation systems are crude, gets into water sheds and wells and fresh water sources, like lakes - General point: water is the most important human rights issues in the world and crisis of the issue if only going to increase - Took the UN until 2010 (July) that water is a human right - Once the UN makes a major issues out of a topic tends to galvanize pub opinion around the issue, there is a stop light on the issue - Puts more pressure on govts and NGOs to focus more on the topic - July 2010 – UN made the resolution, concern about the issue - 1 billion no access to clean, fresh water - Lack of fresh water related to problems with basic sanitation this is related to water-born
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