The Law of the Sea

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Political Science
Ross Michael Pink

LECTURE 7: WEDNESDAY 5 2012 The Law of the Sea; the Right of Passage; Marine Piracy; Case Study: The United States, Iran and the Strait of Hormuz; Text Reading: Chapter 11 CHAPTER 11 - The law of the sea is related to water and is important - Page 553 – the historic use of the sea – resources (starting off with fashioning, the mining and oil) also important trade and commerce, communications - Portugal – they colonized the west coast of India, colonized Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, East Timor - Trade routs of the sea started off globalization - Predated air plane and car - Pre-League of Nations – the sea was divided between the big powers, they had the power and the money to do this - ‘The Great Sea Powers’ - Law of the Sea Treaty – 200 mile exclusive economic zone, beyond that no country own the sea/ocean, as was the case 200 years ago (more egalitarian) - 200 miles is the customary view - The laws of the sea evolved toward a more egalitarian state - This shows progress in the international community SPECIFICS - Freedom of the sea – recognized under international law - All nations, whether they are coasts, have access and enjoyment of the seas - 12 miles for fishing and 200 exclusive economic zone - 1982 conventions on the right of the sea - Page 557 – an American national who committed manslaughter on a UK ship - 575 International straights – article 16 – there shall be no suspension of passage of innocent ships > principle of free passage, recognized in international law > exception if state has a reason to believe that state posses a threat, then there is a right to
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