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Political Science

POL340 FEB 29 2012INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT Idea of prosecuting people that have public power control government and states and therefore militaries that have presumably some degree of monopoly on violence and then holding them accountable at international law is what we think to some degree the core of international justice International criminal lawtho Old historylate 19 century Hague convention WW1 but atrocities of WW2 put things really into focuso Idea of holding individuals to account at international law begin to crystalize after WW2 Crime of aggression UN CHRTERstop countries from going to war against one anothero Is it a crime at international law and prosecutableo Take from war crimes an evolution of legal arguemtn through to the late 90s after rowanda and bosnia to the debates around the Rome Statuteo There should be a standing court to try public officials that commit international crimeso 1995signing of Rome Statuteo Cant have another genocidethe ICC Genocide happening during time of peace or war is a crime and must be punishable under the law Convention international treaty Genocide international conventionallows to prosecute genocide domestically o Must create legislation
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