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Political Science

thPol340y1 Jan 18 2012 Law of the Sea Artic problems for Russia and Canada and the savings of money and travel because of the ice meltingo Northwest passagetreated by Canada as internal water just as north sea passage treated by Russia as internal waters and no problem Until strategic environment changeo Law if the seahistorical Canadian concern as it holds the largest coastline in the worldo 1995Canada had its singular landwar with Spainaccused by Canadian government of overfishing forwarn but the Estai trawler came into close proximity of canadas EEZ Eclusive economic zone200 nautical miles Canada went in hot pursue in to contiguous zones and brought the trawler back and arrested the crew Spain threatened to enter into conflict with its naval fleet Historically Law of the Sea has been a massively important domain of conflict litigation an negotiation between states Importance of the sea and law of the sea o Transportation including economic beneficial transportationo Ressourcesnot just in transport but in the water o Territorial sovereigntyhas a law of jurisdiction agglomeration of jurisdiction rights states rights over
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