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Lecture 2

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Political Science
Joseph Bryant

Lecture 2092210Rights are presented as being individual absolute and free from implying responsibility neglect of civil society the American version of rights talk does not reflect what Americans really know 1Thinking like a lawyer2Public international law3RightsThinking like a lawyer requires one to look at things in a particular wayThe two sources of domestic law are statutes and judicial decisionsThe study of law is in fact the study of statutes and judicial decisions The law is a distinctive manner of imagining the realthere are no answers in law just argumentsInternational law is like a tennis match there are always multiple arguments to support and undermine each side of a caseThe invasion of Iraq was contrary to On the other hand it was consistent withHowever alsoWe must choose the best sources some are better than othersthe essence of international law is arguments good arguments that reference the right documents statutes treaties laws etcPrivate International LawIn private international law there is a conflict of laws for different jurisdictions different competing domestic lawsIt involves
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