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Joseph Bryant

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Lecture 3092910Sources of International LawGood sourceslame sources not all sources are created the sameThe best jurisprudential sources are Supreme Court decisions rendered yesterday the more the recent the betterThe ICJ is the monster source for international law casesThe Statute of the International Court of Justice as part of the Charter of the United Nations defines the sources of international law under Article 38The ICJ is a monster source because aAll the countries in the world relevant actors have bought into this court by ratifying the UNbThere is no higher court cIt is a conventionIn the exam make reference to the ICJ statute The sources of international law are as follows1 Conventionstreaties2 Customs customary international law3 General principles of law of civilized statescivilized means liberal democracies essentially general principles of law include both domestic and internationala domestic principle of law not accepted as an international principle of law is not a general principle of lawThe monster source of treaty law is the Vienna ConventionIt is also considered a mon
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