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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Joseph Bryant

Lecture 11112410ExamFact situationEx country x sent a tank into country y on the basis that it owned the territorycountry x put a bunch of kids in front of a military site disguised asa churchBetter to spot more issues and have shorter arguments than spotting less issues and having amazing argumentsthDue the 7 at 3pmInternational Criminal LawDoesnt involve statesInfringes on state sovereigntyLimits on sovereignties what you can and cant do it a stateIts about individualspeople who break laws etcA challenge it isnt about sovereignty it pierces the veil of sovereignty and holds individuals responsible for their actionsthis is usually the right of sovereigns not international courtsInternational criminal law is in part a response to the limitation of international tribunals The extradition principle No right without a remedy fulfilling the universal rights charter by the UN What about the nature of the crimes they often shock the international communitythey tend to be atrocitiesTwo Categories of International Criminal Law1Transnational Finta 1994 SCCIn 1993 Canada used a provision of the criminal code to try Finta for war crimes that had taken place during WWII He was located in Canada and tried in Canada for crimes that had taken place elsewhere Normally sovereignty is such that you dont have any jurisdiction to try someone who commit
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