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University of Toronto St. George
Political Science
Emanuel Adler

1 March 27 2012 Announcements • Today is last class. Professor unavailable next week. Office hours open week after. • Prof gone for one year. Back in 2013. Who will we become? Israel’s future identities 1. Challenges 2. 2 social construct of Israel’s future 3. Who and what will be become? Regional issues discussed last week Israel schizophrenic personality. • We cannot live with it, we cannot live without it • Paradox, needed and seeking legitimacy and empathy while simultaneously discounting the world. • Biblical notion. Israel shall dwell alone and not with others. • What it means to be Israeli in globalized world. • Israeli identity pull toward future, for global practices, desire to be Hebrew. What is the source of Israel’s mistrust of the world • Holocaust, a history of repression. Deep sense of insecurity • 135A.D Jews were defeated thrown out of Palestine and throne in to Rome. • Defending themselves by enclosing in these communities • Self-fulfilling prophecy, of being the victim. • Abnormality. Israeli’s like an abnormal life, nothing is normal. Reflective POL345Y1Y.Becoming Israel-War, Peace & Politics of Israel’s Identity. March.272012. SP.JNO.GS 2 Israeli’s perceive themselves as abnormal. They are glad, they are abnormal • Solution to abnormality, reconciliation. • Anti-Semitism. Can say it goes back two century. Christian religious attack on jewfish. • 95% of Israeli see holocaust as first part of their identity. Deeply engraved individually. • New identity idolized. Self-reliance, new Jewishness. • Victimhood Palestine also hold culture of victimhood. Problem: world with rise of human rights. The human market is crowded. The ability to play the victimhood card is hard. Arabs, Israel, Palestine saying we are victims for foreign aid. Israel. • Admit they need the world • Want others to know they are globalized • Economic relations with UN, china, brazil. • Israeli diaspora is strong • Culture is diffusing the world • A start-up nation • Always fighting wars, in-between war 5 categories of people who have issue with Israel • Anti-Semites. Many Jews in the diaspora and some Israeli’s in Israeli take any criticism as anti-Semite. Can turn into a self-fulfilling prophesy. Sometimes POL345Y1Y.Becoming Israel-War, Peace & Politics of Israel’s Identity. March.272012. SP.JNO.GS 3 hard to distinguish anti-Israeli from anti-Semite statement. • Post-colonial liberals: don’t like Israeli because they are a colonial entity. Israel should become one state for all its citizens. (not anti-Semite) • Kant liberals: moral imperative. Either right or wrong. • Tough love. Mainly governments. Want to give Israel tough love, we are for you but the kinds of things we want to is for the good if Israeli in spite of itself. Example Obama. Wanted free settlements, decided not to attack Iran yet. Many say Obama is anti-sematic. Cause and consequences A lot of self-fulfilling prophecy 2 mechanisms 1st psychological + sociological mechanism. • The world behave in way that is against us. • Common sentence in Israel. • Israel created to stop that. • They always look at oppositions as beast. • The whole world is against them. • Project themselves in a way to imitate the opposition. Second mechanism: insecurity • Jewish problem found it’s solution in its Jewish state. • Jewish state turned solution • Nationalism is solution for Jewish people. • nationalism became imbedded with religious connotation, and turned arbitrary nationalism. • Nationalism that goes beyond the idea of self-determination. Social mechanism that maintain this cycle POL345Y1Y.Becoming Israel-War, Peace & Politics of Israel’s Identity. March.272012. SP.JNO.GS 4 Future of Israel Future challenges Social dimension • Israeli made a transition from socialism to capitalism but without social economic regime to improve the live of the poor. • Now we have more poor people than before, pensioneer low pay, • Educational gap, educational challenge. Education is source of identity. Israel education is going down in higher education indicators. Still top but going down. Educational gap because different educational systems. There are religious educations. Some systems you just pray and read from holy books,
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