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Political Science
Emanuel Adler

Page 1 POL345 MARCH 13 2012 ELDER Movie - Things haven’t changes much since 1995. Instrumental - Spoilers – may not succeed - He mentioned last week that we can look at the conflict between Palestinian and Israeli. This shows, especially from Israeli side, the conflict of identity which is the object of our course - What changed is that within the passage of time and through grief that started in 1999 o This is not just about liberals and others. Sometimes you need to look close to what the difference is o As it was portrayed here sometimes the center of the earth of what Israel should be, whether they should be compromised, etc. Because people were angry, yes there was sort of social construction but everyone tried constructing the course. - Israeli lost hope that they would be able to go through. They returned and responded in kind to the suicide bombings. - This is the change from 1995. One was going up and the other world was going down. Now everything is almost right. - A lot of leaders were assassinated… relate to this o i.e. John F Kennedy - Break after break, constructing wool can take years. Between making peace and sabotage there is hard construction - Bombing syndrome - Spoilers only spoil when the construction is in favor to be spoiled o The picture is not entirely agreed after having talked about Iran last week it is pretty grim - Do Palestinian and Israeli understand the importance of diversity? If yes, why don’t they do something abo
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