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Lecture 2

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Political Science
Emanuel Adler

cWU`a^WŶÊ [Z _ SZV`WZ`WWU`aS^ Y Z_[X_^SW_VWZ` `ÊŶŴÈŴÈŵŵ VWZ` ` W_S^W Z`WWU`aS_[U SSZVUa`a^SS^` XSU`_Ê`[aY`W_WW `[TW _`^ U`SZVU[ZYWWV`WUSZUSZYW[bW^` W`^[aY^WS` [Z_c ``W[`W^Ê `WXSU``S``c[\W[\WWZVWVa\S_ W TW^_[XV XXW^WZ`Y^[a\_ _S\^[TW [X _`[^^S`W^`SZS\^[TW [XZS`a^W VWZ` ` _\S^`[X_[U S\[cW^Ê [cW^ _VW^ bWVX^[ TW[ZY ZYS_cWS_ W#W^U _ ZYU[Z`^[[bW^cS`cWTW[ZY`[Ê`Wa` S`W$ ZV[X\[cW^ _`W\[cW^ _\^[b VW`W WSZ ZY[XSZ VWZ` ` VWZ` `V[W_Z[`USa_WTWSb [a^Ta` `Y bW_SU` [Z_ WSZ ZY _^SW VWZ` `ÊS_`[TWaZVW^_`[[V Z`WU[Z`W#`[XZS` [Z%Ta V ZY Z`Wŵ ` UWZ`a^ a_`TW_WWZS_SaZ X ZYX[^UW`[T^ ZYSS^YWZa TW^[X Y^SZ`_X^[ `W 'Wc _V S_\[^SSZV`a^Z`W Z`[[ZWZS` [Zc `SU[ [Z _`[^SZVZS^^S` bW _^SW VWZ` `\^[b VW_WY ` SU`[`W_`S`W[X_^SWÊ ` _S [^S(a_` X US` [Z X[^`WUS `[` _\S^` UaS^SZV _^SW VWZ` `W_`ST _W_SU[Z` Za `TW`cWWZ`WSZU WZ`\S_`SZV`W U[Z`W \[^S^_`S`Wc U __WWZS_SZS`a^SVWbW[\ WZ`S`S [_`ŶŴŴŴWS^_ Z W# W VWZ` `S_TWWZ_S\WVTS[_` W\[ ` USSZVUa`a^SWZb ^[Z WZ`Êc[ZY _`[^[X\W^_WUa` [Z `cS_ [VWVT`W^ST_ b ZY Z SW_` ZWÊ`WTWUS W`W)[`W^Ê _^SW VWZ` `*È*'Wc _ VWZ` `Ê[U S _ c TW^S _ W Y [Z ^ST_^SW VWZ` `Ê`W^WS^W SZ^ST_ b ZY Z_^SW^ Y`Z[c W[^ Y Z_[X_^SW VWZ` `Y[TSU$`[ [Z _ S Z VW[[Y USU[ \[_ ` [Z[X [Z _ ÊS` [ZS _ [U S _ SZVc TW^S _ /^W Y [Z _TWU[ ZY ZU^WS_ ZY \[^`SZ`0Ê `cS_S_WUaS^^Wb[`SYS Z_` ^W Y [a_'aVS _ ÊS``W \`WV`[Ta V`WZS^^S` bWSZV^WS `[X`W'Wc _ZS` [Z SZV[X_^SW VWZ` ` c TW^S [Z _ [U S _` [Z _ W Y [a_ [Z _ Ê SZV XXW^WZ`bS^ S` [Z_ W Y [Z\^[b VWV`W Z$`[`W\S_`Ê1 ZYSb V1 ZY[[ SZSZV`W TW [U S _ \^[b VWV`W Z$`[SZWc`\W[X VWZ` ` c TW^S _ \^[b VWVS Z$`[`W4W_` S` [ZS _ _`W\W^UW bWV VWZ` `[X[ZW__WXc `S`W^^ `[^ S[^YSZ _WV \[ ` USU[WU` bWÊSY^[a\U[Z_U [a_ZW__c UVWX ZW_`W VWZ` `[X`W ZV b VaSc ``W_`S`W 5WZW^ÊZS` [ZS _ _`W^W_a`[X [VW^Z _S` [ZSZV ZVa_`^ S_[U W`Ê`W^W _ U[ZY^aWZUWTW`cWWZ_`S`WSZVUa`a^WSZV S$W_X[^SZS` [ZS _` VW[[Y`S` \^[b VW_`S`_[U S`^SZ_X[^ S` [ZÊc ``WVWbW[\ WZ`[X ZVa_`^`W^WcS_S ZWWVX[^S^YW^aZ `_\W[\WcW^W`^S ZWV`[TW\S^`[XS^YW^aZ `_ WZWV U`ZVW^_[ZÊ`WST ``[ SY ZW[ZW_WXS_\S^`[XSU[ aZ `VW\WZV_ [Z _`[^ USX[^UW_Ê\^ Z`US\ `S _ 6V _`^ Ta` [Z[X\^ Z`WV S`W^ SU^WS`WVS _WZ_W[X VWZ` `S [ZY\W[\W [Z Ê SUW_cW Y`[Z`WW`Z UW^ `SYW`W\^WUWVW_ [VW^Z _S` [ZÊW`Z U ZS` [ZS _ _`S^`_X^[ S\^W%W# _` ZYUa`a^SaZ [ZÊ`W Z ` SU[ZUW^Z _`W _a^b bS[X`WY^[a\_ VWZ` `ÊcWZXSUWVc `S S([^ `Y^[a\`W Z[^ `S_ `^WWU[ UW_6S__ S`W^W`^WS` Z`[^W Y [a_`^SV ` [ZS _ SZV`[X ZVS_Z`W_ _ TW`cWWZ`^SV ` [ZSZV [VW^Z ` c `W^S`a^WV XXW^WZ` S`W_TW`cWWZ`c[`\W_[XZS` [ZS _ ÊU b USZV TW^S ZS` [ZS _ ÊSWY ` S`W_`S`WTWTS_WV[Z`W\W[\W^S`W^`SZ5[VSVZS_`[^ \W^ SV[ ZS` [ZÊ `W# _`_cWZ`W^W _SU b _[U W`\W[\W^W_\WU`SZVS^W Y[bW^ZWVT`WScÊ`W_[bW^W YZ`[X`W_`S`W _[US`WV Z`W ZV b VaSc[_W ZS` [ZS VWZ` ` _S_WZ_W[X\[ ` USaZ ` `Z UZS` [ZS _ ÊVWX ZW_SZS` [Z ZW`Z U`W^ _Ê``SU WZ`_S^W ZW^ `WV SZVZ[`U[_WZÊ`WW`Z UU[ZUW\`[XZS` [ZS _ ZU[^\[^S`W_S [^WU[WU` b _` VWZ` ` W _`[^[X`W\[ ` U_[X_^SW VWZ` `S_TWWZ`WWb[a` [Z[X [Z _ `S` S_ [bWVX^[ `WZ[` [Z[X_WX%VW`W^ ZS` [Z[X`W'Wc _\W[\WSZV`WZ[` [Z [XX[^`^W___^SW8 [U S _ Ê$W[^YSZ _ ZY\^ ZU \W[X_[U W` _Z[``WZS` [ZZ[^`W ZV b VaS Ta`US__Ê\[ ` U_S_TWU[ W`W_`^aYYWX[^US__W]aS ` c TW^S _ Ê`WV[U`^ ZW`S`\a`_`W ZV b VaSSZV _[^W^X^WWV[ S``WWSV [X_[U SbSaW_Ê`S`W_[U W` _^aWVTVW [U^SUa SZ^ Y`_SZV`WScÊ WZV_`[\SV[cZ`WV XXW^WZUWTW`cWWZZS` [Z_SZVUS__SZV Z_`WSV W \S_ _W_U[_ [\[ `SZb Wc_U[%[\W^S` [ZS [ZYZS` [Z_Y[TS _S` [ZSZVS_ Z SS_\[__ TW Z`W^XW^WZUW Z`WWU[Z[ SZV_[U W`8 4S` SVW [Z _ \[__ TW: ŵ8 SZU \S` [Z‰S_SS/Z Y`WZ WZ`SZVWUaS^ _S` [Z0SZV [VW^Z _S` [Z%``^SZ_X[^ WVSSZYaSYW[X^W Y [a_a_SYW Z`[S_WUaS^ [VW[X Z`W^U[a^_W[XSZS` [Z_`S`WÊ _ _$ U$WV[XXTW SZU \S` [ZÊ ^ [^`[`W ^WZU^Wb[a` [Z'Wc_ bWVc ` Z`W ^U[ aZ ` W_ÊW^W cS_WY ` _WVV _U^ ZS` [ZSYS Z_``WY^[a\ÊW Z`W^ZSSXXS ^_[X`W 'Wc _U[ aZ `
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