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Political Science
Emanuel Adler

1 Announcements Talk 12-2 Monday 19 march 2012. Sidney Smith room 2098. Speaker Bernard Avishai. Israel/Palestine: Is the “Two state solution” still possible? Conclusion of war in Israel to Present March 6, 2012 From 2008 Before Latoya rise to power in Israel. Situation in Gaza stream was getting worse. • Throwing missiles from Gaza to Israeli cities in the south. • Israeli immediately responded by going to Gaza, killing some people. • Killing leaders, fighters, with drones. Attempts of truce but failed - 2009 Gaza war. Operate Cast Lead. Israel retreated to international border in 2005. • Israel left Gaza, no civil war. • Settlers were gone, soldier were gone. • Israel did control aid space, sea access. + Economy. Gaza since 2006 owned by Hamas • Hamas kidnapped famous soldier. • Hamas still don’t accept Israel’s existence. Iran helped Hamas with missiles. POL345Y1Y.Becoming Israel-War, Peace & Politics of Israel’s Identity. March.6.2012. SP.JNO.GS 2 • When missiles to larger city. • Israel decided to go to Gaza. According to Israelis • Purpose of operation was to stop the missiles • Create deterrence; create a large impact, hard punishment to deter Hamas from future attacks. Hamas predicted the attack and his military, booby trapped Israeli Gaza stream. • Built bunkers. • Fought in civilian territory, fought in schools, universities. • Israel found out and attacked in larger numbers. • The missiles did not stop and more were thrown. According UN goldstone report Both Israel and Hamas committed war crimes. • Israel wanted to have minimum casualties to continue the war. If too many people die, Israel will want to quit the war and pull back. • UN report demand Israel do investigation. • Blamed Hamas for throwing 10 000 missiles at Israel. • Hamas is not a state, will not regulate themselves. • Israel, a democratic state investigated them. Found soldiers at fault and prosecuted them. A few years later goldstone later, reports, they were misled. Referred to Israel as wrong. • War crime, Hamas committed war crime by fighting from schools, universities. POL345Y1Y.Becoming Israel-War, Peace & Politics of Israel’s Identity. March.6.2012. SP.JNO.GS 3 War has two perspective reasons for going to war • ivs at bello. - Israel was just at going to Hamas. The Israelis also targeted civilians but enemy was also there so had to fight. • Ins in bello- way it projected its power. Unjust. Iran • in background for a decade. But 2009, become most central issue in the region. • Revolutionary state, don’t hide revolutionary credentials. • Went after region hegemony. • Went after nuclear weapons. Context: Iran was developing nuclear weapons. The weapons are not weaponized and are currently above ground where they can be destroyed. Soon, these weapons will be put underground, where Israel missiles cannot touch. However U.S has the technology to disable underground missiles. Debate: Whether Israel should or should not attack Iran as a preventative attack. Attack Iran to disable their nuclear weapons. Problems if Israel do not attack Iran. 1. If Iran nuclear weapons. There is no common language of them with America. Iran will not be able to be deterred. Amerce and soviet deter each other. Saudi Arabia will be first to get it, then Egypt, Syria, turkey. Scared of each other. 2. High population in middle east, people can’t live there after one is thrown. 3. Iran would be able to use people like Hamas. A lot of cover for countries which they expert to. They can’t fight back. 4. Iran versus Israel fear of fighting. Three nuclear weapons can take out Israel. Iran is larger, Iran can survive some nuclear attacks. 5. Fear of unintended nuclear war because of crisis escalation. One side believe POL345Y1Y.Becoming Israel-War, Peace & Politics of Israel’s Identity. March.6.2012. SP.JNO.GS 4 other will start. Fearing for their lives, eventually will leave Israel. 10% of pop will leave, damage economic, investment. 6. Israel fear loss of nuclear supremacy, if other have it, target it as (will not exist) Their security will be compromise. 7. Nuclear weapons ending in terrorist groups. Iran’s had been supplying creating terrorist groups. 8. After the war Iran will be like soviet union. 9. From POV of west, Canada, America. Threat to middle east oil. Ability to partly control events in the middle east. If Israel attack Iran. • Delay nuclear weapons 1-2 years • Iran is working a nuclear program today. Had not make decision to weoponize • But if Israel attack, Iran will weoponize, self-full filling prophesy. • Attacking pre-maturely. Before Iran made decision to weoponize. Israel want to attack in 4 months. Before that’s when Iran going to bring dentifrice underground unreachable to Israel. U.S has tech though to disable centrifuge underground. Reasons for Israeli attacking Iran • Iran has good reason to use weapons to attack back. 5yrs, 10 yrs.
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