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Political Science
Emanuel Adler

POL345 FEB 7 2012 LECTURE 5 *submit institution to prof that you are wiritng about ASAP; do not write about Israeli parties - do not frame papers too broadly or too abstractly - do not ask a broad question - in order to approach larger question, bring paper down to level so you can do research - do research; look at how articles are framed (introduction, debate…literature review) - literature review - systematic citation (no preference for style); notes about citation on blackboard; no preference for certain citation style I A: A Tale of Two cities II Minority Status 1. Simooha 2. Peled 3. Dowt 4. Rhohamaz Ghann 5. Peled and Navat 6. Tevision documents and waxman’s response 7. Israeli Palestinian “us” or “them” Are IP’s us or them? How IP’s seem themselves? Anthropological approach: two cities are Nazareth Natzeset Nit - Nazareth is Pal city to stay put during 1948 war, - 1992: 60k inhabitants up from 1500 in 1800; strong contingent of Christian arabs o Half of pop was xtian arab and greek orthodox, because of sacredness of place to Christians o 1975: first urban municipality in sirael to be controlled by communist o Very little new housing  housing problem o Natzeret Lit Built on arab land on top of a hill, overlooking Nazareth o Naz surrounded by arab villages, so putting city over Nazareth makes a Zionist statement that jews are in the galleli and that Galilee is jewish o Economically and culturally israeli’s in Nazareth are peripheral to Israeli centre in coastal plane  Away from centre, but present where arab population is big  Plenty of housing  One of the reasons that at least 35000 move to nat lit  Most immigrants from eastern Europe  ¾ own apartment and houses  Economically pal’s in city are representative of wealthy pal sector of Israel  Most dynamic econ centre  Most pal’s live in alkelou o Perceived by is jew’s as being outside POL345 FEB 7 2012 LECTURE 5 o Inequalities in budget, tax collection and restriction in access of pal’s to Naz lit  Public spaces in Pal’s part of town that look less tended  Two spaces: fenced industrial plant and community centre o Inequality in system and measures  Lower mortages  Arab residents given lower mortages, but not to be materialized in developing towns such as Naz lit - Pal present in naz lit is at odds with Israel’s self imiage o Although a few thousand arabs, naz lit is minority in israli arab o Jews/arabs image things different o When jews put on sale and is/pal’s buy, jews look for excuses  Zionist, should not sell property to arabs o is beureaucrats control who is educated - is/pal remain below certain threshold o jews decide what is taught to pal children - pal children go to school in Nazareth o why cannot the two cities be integrated?  Culture; nationalism (jewish nationism, Zionism); security; social construction of separate identities (identities that are ascertained);  E.g. arab basketball coach: is look down at him, he looks down at them; everything on jewish side is better (roads, education, culture); jewish child more social security; they have better lives; they all made sure he felt inferior; lower hand; Israeli identity: - Israel political system is democratic, universal political rights, multi party, fair election, change over of government, civil rights, indepednetn judiciaries, professional press, civilian authority over army and party/elite support for institutions. - But can is demo be consistent with arab minority in Israel? What kind of demo is it? o What influence on Israeli pal identity? And is/pal identity in general? o Smooka dismiises notion that Israel is a consensual democracy  Jews and arabs do not share, mutual cooperation is relatively small;  System is not majoritarian (majority rules), because liberal demo is measured by how it treats minority: fairly, liberally and with compelte equal rights; all the people are part of the community  Majority rules and minority has to accept; o Bennisti: herrenfal, minority do not have civil or political rights; smooka dismisses, because ispal’s do not rights; so what is it?  Israel is ethnic demo  Caught between particularistic notion of jewish state and universalist concept of demo freedom POL345 FEB 7 2012 LECTURE 5  Constitution: due to strength of israel’s nationism, there is political intolerance  Opposite of ethnic demo: is liberal demo, such as case of france o Ispal’s have problem accepting that Israel is jewish state, would like to change to Israeli state  Possessing highest birth rate, pal’s do not doubt that they will become majority and rule the state  Is jew’s alternative is no state at all!  Jews are not going to give it up easily: jewishness and democracy is important imperative o Is pal’s like  pal state, so they can call “our state”  Equal rights, power sharing, but isjew’s are years away from referring to pal’s as “us”  Is see self as part of west, and arab cannot be “us” Peled: according to pel, smooka’s dichotomy cannot explain Israel/arab citizen status, because citizen status is key to is ability to remain demo - A system that combines demo institutions with dominance of jewish - Three facts: 1. Republicanism 2. Liberalism 3. Ethnicity o Confluence of repub and eth and lib has principles of legitimation  has resolved two types of citizenship  Republican for jews and liberal for arabs  Liberal conception of citizenship lies in individual, universal equal parts  Republican tradition is community, moral community that pressuppsoes moral good antecedent to individual choice, while liberalism emphasizes rights  The republicanism emphasizes good  a shared moral purpose from which originanates a notion of civic virtue and criteria for membership in the community  And like the liberal citizen who is the passive bearer of status, the republic citizen experiences it as practice… determination, protection of common good o How does this translate to Israel?  Jewish ethnicity is necessary condition for membership in Israel community, while contribution via civil religion is measure of one’s civic virtue  Bengouria, state derive purpose to fulfill primordial right to jewish homeland  This justifies making distinction between rights of jews in jewish state and other minority  If Israeli arab cannot be granted republican membership, the only solution is to grant them liberal rights POL345 FEB 7 2012 LECTURE 5
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