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Political Science

POL371 Jan 17 2012State government and governanceb Nation state vs national state A nationstate is a nation reasonably large group of people with common culture which has its own territorystate Canada is clearly not a nation state in this sense BUT an example of a multination state THEREFORE we will use the term national statec Economic importance of the state The national state creates consistent conditions for economic interaction languageeducation system employment conditionsconditions of trade This makes economic interaction much easierless costlyState policies at different levels impact the conditions for economic productiontransactionseconomic actors are relatively free from the national states influence Political economists overestimate the role of the national state However the national state defines important conditions for the economy National state has a much more direct impact on economic action will come back to that in a momentIt is relatively easy for a Canadian firm to make business with another Canadian firmState is itself an important economic agenta through entrepreneurial activitiesstateowned firmsb On the demand side through investmentsd Regional vs national state level Recent analysis in the EU has argued that the national state declines in importance through EU integration and the regions and supranational levels have risen Competences would be shifted toward the supranational and regional levels hollowing outglocalization Prof thinks its premature to talk about the end of the national state The EU has gained an importance in many areas of regulation probably not enough which is the reason for the problems nowThe national state is still important for defining basic conditions of economic interaction The regional stateregional policies of course also have an impact on economic actionlocation decisions
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