17th cent - emotions and the human soul

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Rebecca Kingston

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if a society grants away its original and abosolute powers, it potentiall grats away its capacity to preserve itself and no community can possibly do this an more tha an individual can abdicate his power to preserve his life MAir - kings are instituted for the good of the people so people must ebe above king POL373 oct 24 week 7 17th century frnech insights into emotion and the human soul: “me, me , me” or hypocrisy or hidden depths? I.intro - summaty of classical accounts of emotion an new insights of the 17th century reflexiev turn to the self a. classical view - strong cognitive component to understanding of emotions; - emotions invoked only insofar as they are relevant to moral virtue; - ideals of constancy involving significant self-discipline and regulation of emotional life; - emotions are generally shaped and determined in significant ways by the broader social and cultural context; - emotions studied with attention to their effects a. french moralists - strong physiological component to emotion; they are pathological but unavoidable; vices embedded in who we are; a unity of emotion?; methos of introspection Descartes passions of the soul, its philosophy and politics - vision of the wolf activates animal spirits. our sould determines that this could ba a shape that could be a threat to us (img of a wolf) animal spirits will dictate action readiness to either runaway or to fight it. animal spirits prepare us as a reaction to that visual stimulus - the soul is passive when feeling passion. the ouls on the one hand has these impulses coming form the body that invokes your desire, the sould must try to overcome these impulses - strong physiological component when it comes to emotion - we experience emotion idiosyncratically. emotions are relative - aristotles rhetoric. the art of persuasion. huma beings are not so different when it comes to emotional dispos
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