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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 what is emotion

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Political Science

LEC03 Sep28 WHAT IS AN EMOTION? 1) A combination of neurological and chemical response to relevant stimuli 2) A feeling or awareness of changes in the body as a result of relevant stimuli 3) A combination of knowledgeperception and judgementevaluation concerning relevant stimuli Prominent defender of this cognitive view: Stoics E.g. Our negative perception and judgment on death Nussbanm and Solomon purely cognitivist arguing that emotions are judgment; our judgment on situation changes according to changes in informative reception; our emotion is how we perceive and judge the situations This cognitivist view does not necessarily entail that our emotions have to be rational (since our judgment can be flawed) but have the potential to be rational Question arises here: If emotions can be reduced to judgment, why dont all judgment induce emotions? Solomon: judgments closely related to sense of ourselves (identity, etc) will be most likely to trigger emotions Some others would argue that new judgmentinformation dont always change
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