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Political Science
John Haines

3262012 44800 PMMarch 22 2012Environment and SecurityWidespread acknowledgement of the climate change Is a relatively new phenomenonLocal global policy power politics in a classic sense and construction of a intl global normConstructing inequality and injustice responsibilities Some states are spending billions to deal with climate change and preserve energy to cope A target is not a policy it is an easy way to get an agreement like CopenhagenIt was a great failure lack of consensusComplexity is due to winners and losers even though it should affect everyone in the same way so lack of consensus doesnt bring states together to adopt policyChina has began to develop climate change policyAsymmetry of vulnerability if humans are the main culprit then the WEST is responsible position of the South need to balance responsibility for past behavior working to a common solution for the futureClimate change is a long term conditionproblems as a result consequences of decision making is criticalPoliticians have a limited lens in policy creation not 2030 yrs Market rule is short term gain not compatible with climate changeat individual level our brain doesnt envisage a world beyond our existencefor statisticians long term projections are fragile and weak the models for climate change projection for long term are complexwe have a tendencies to underestimate future change many believe technology is the solution to the problem Global governance is a major issue of environmental change regional framework national level policies intl institutionsHistoryThe Montreal Protocol a successful campaign that started with scientific evidence of the black hole in ozone layercompanies could create alternatives to CFCs not harmful to ozoneLong saga of sustainable development tendency to draw consequences from population growthThere is no solution to it The argument for climate change is that it cannot be controlled without controlling population growthGreen Revolution in India allowed for millions of people to be fed
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